RainTree Oncology Wins CIO Award from Ventana Research for OncoExplorer Analytics Portal

RainTree Oncology Wins CIO Award from Ventana Research for OncoExplorer Analytics Portal

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  • October 20, 2014

RainTree Oncology Services, the nation’s leading community oncology alliance, has won Ventana Research’s 2014 CIO Leadership Award for OncoExplorer for Pharma. Part of the RainTree Analytics suite of products, OncoExplorer for Pharma is a comprehensive cloud-based analytics portal for oncology research. Insights derived from OncoExplorer will improve cancer treatment by helping researchers to develop clinical and pharmaceutical protocols. RainTree will accept the award at the conclusion of the Ventana Research Summit on October 22, 2014.

The largest source of data amassed from community oncology practices, OncoExplorer for Pharma offers pharmaceutical companies a secure and convenient way to gather valuable oncology information from a single location. This includes clinical and administrative information about the use of oncology medications, along with HIPAA- compliant access to electronic medical record data, pharmacy dispense data, selected lab data, and claims adjudication summaries. With access to this information, researchers can trace the complete patient history, from the time of initial diagnosis to the present day, as they work to develop new treatments that produce better outcomes for cancer patients.

Mike Martin, chief executive officer at RainTree, said, “We are honored to receive this award for our work in oncology data analytics, an area of increasing importance for the company and the healthcare industry at large. I would like to thank our CIO, Scott Skellenger, and his team for their outstanding efforts on OncoExplorer for Pharma and the entire suite of RainTree Analytics products. We are extremely excited to be channeling the power of information to help ensure that generations of families can share their lives together.”

Scott Skellenger, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at RainTree, said, “This award is a welcome affirmation of our mission to build a best-in-class clinical oncology analytics platform. OncoExplorer for Pharma transforms clinical oncology data into actionable information. Our data set allows pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals to understand optimum treatment regimens by disease state while maintaining the utility and security of patient information.”

Pharmaceutical companies interested in OncoExplorer for Pharma can purchase subscriptions to review the data or export it for their own analysis. All patient data is scrubbed, filtered, and stripped of any personal identifiers, per HIPAA and HITECH guidelines.

In the fourth quarter of 2014, RainTree expects to further expand the RainTree Analytics platform with the launch OncoExplorer for Practice, a new community oncologypractice performance management portal that will enable new types of treatment analyses. RainTree will provide this service to its member oncology practices to help optimize practice operations and further the mission of strengthening community oncology.

About RainTree Oncology Services

RainTree Oncology Services is the nation’s leading community oncology alliance, assisting its member practices in achieving better and more cost-effective treatment of oncology patients while creating new streams of revenue for community oncology practices. RainTree Oncology achieves this by negotiating and administering favorable GPO contracts; by implementing technology allowing RainTree Oncology members to develop and evaluate care pathways to improve patient care and outcomes while reducing costs to the healthcare system; and by developing commercial relationships that accelerate innovative oncology treatments and payer arrangements while optimizing oncology patient care and advancing the science of oncology. For more information, visit www.raintreeoncology.com or www.raintreeanalytics.com.